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Republican Debate Reaction: How Do We Look?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Tim Pawlenty's the most important sleeper in the race. He has good ties to all segments of conservatives and in the Republican party. He's bright, he's articulate, he doesn't have foot-in-mouth disease; last night he handled the most difficult questions, and he did it well. Pawlenty, who does have presidential presence, will begin to rise.

Charles (Chuck) Dunn, professor of government at Regent University, on The Brian Lehrer Show.

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The S.C. Debate's Would-be (and Should-be) Heroes

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I just find the idea of his candidacy nonsensical. If you were an elected official and couldn't win re-election in your own state, how in the world do you then become president? You don't. Get off the stage.

-Karol Markowicz, on Rick Santorum's planned appearance at the GOP debate in S.C.

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Campaign Trailer Critic: T-Paw's New Direction

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Throughout the 2012 campaign season, It's A Free Country's political film critic Sarah Kate Kramer will be analyzing the videos released by presidential hopefuls. Today that hopeful is Tim Pawlenty.

T-Paw is developing a brand. Despite his understated national profile, the man has a sophisticated video editing team behind him. His presidential exploratory committee video could not be more different from that of Mitt Romney, who's going for the soft and cuddly look. T-Paw is all lights, camera, action hero!


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'Like' Tim Pawlenty? Get Facebook Announcement First

Monday, March 21, 2011

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is scheduled to announce at 3pm on Monday that he's forming a exploratory committee for a run for president. The official word will be available exclusively on Facebook, and to get to see it, you have to 'like' him.


Transportation Nation

Minnesota Gov Candidates Agree: More Buses, No Gas Tax, But Disagree on How to Get It Done

Monday, November 01, 2010

(St. Paul, Minn --Dan Olson, Minnesota Public Radio) The candidates vying to replace Minnesota governor, and potential Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, appear to agree on major transportation issues: They all oppose a gas tax increase, they favor more borrowing and they support bus transit. But dig a little deeper and the three diverge on the details of all those issues. (Listen to this story at MPR.)

Republican Tom Emmer, Independence Party candidate Tom Horner and Democrat Mark Dayton all agree this is not the time to raise Minnesota's gasoline tax.

Beyond that however, Emmer sounds a familiar campaign theme. He says money for transportation will come as the state does more to encourage business growth. "That's the way you solve it, you don't keep raising the tax and driving away the business, let's grow the business so we collect more of the revenue," Emmer said.

State transportation officials estimate Minnesota is short about a billion dollars or more a year in keeping up with road and bridge needs. That puts a spotlight on another major revenue source, borrowing.

The Pawlenty administration has relied heavily on borrowing to fund road and bridge projects. The three gubernatorial candidates agree borrowing is an important revenue source.

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