This Will Destroy You

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This Will Destroy You, Slow Six and A Far Cry

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On February 9, 2012 the Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall juxtaposed the Boston-based string orchestra A Far Cry with post-rockers This Will Destroy You, composer/violinist Christopher Tignor and his instrumental rock group Slow Six.


New Sounds

An Alternate Score for Friday Night Lights

Friday, May 27, 2011


To mark the last season of Friday Night Lights, the New Sounds All-Purpose Assistant has wheedled a way to have some of the music that should have scored the TV show- into a podcast!  Hear here this New Sounds go at scoring an episode (or three.)  
Sure, there is an expected inclusion, with Explosions in the Sky, and Efrim Manuel Menuck (Godspeed!) but get a listen to fellow Texans This Will Destroy You, Leeds, UK-based Vessels and the British post-rock band Codes in the Clouds.  The show was meant to be a thank-you note to the music supervisors in the guise of a “Recommended If You Like (RIYL) Explosions in the Sky.”  Get a load of that tremolo guitar, the shifting and swelling rockness of the instrumental slow-core.

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