Suzi Oppenheimer


Westchester State Senator Says She Won't Seek Re-Election

Friday, January 13, 2012

State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer from Westchester County said Thursday she won’t be seeking re-election this fall because she has to undergo major shoulder replacement surgery.

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The Empire

In Westchester, Republicans are now 1 for 3

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

As Nick Reisman just pointed out on the State of Politics blog, last night was a bittersweet victory for Republicans in Westchester. As we pointed out here earlier, the Republicans were spending big and running hard to break the county legislative supermajority that Democrats have used to block Republican county executive Rob Astorino.

While they may end up overcoming the supermajority--one of the races is too close to call--but, as Reisman points out, it comes at considerable cost.

[A]fter the state Republicans poured money into the races and after a story touting the efforts ran in The Wall Street Journal, Astorino’s governing accomplishments for the remainder of his term will likely remain difficult to come by — giving him a thin resume should he run for higher office.

For a New York Republican Party with few things to smile today, the Board of Legislators race has to hurt the most.

But it goes beyond that for Westchester Republicans and the state party. Last year's story line was similar to this year's: Republicans were gunning for vulnerable Senate Democrats a year of Astorino's surprise victory. It looked like Westchester Republicans were poised to make gains in the Senate.

In one race, they didn't get the guy they wanted to replace outgoing Republican Vincent Leibell, instead watching rogue Tea Partier Greg Ball go on to win the election. In the other two, they were unable to take out Senators Andrea Stewart-Cousins or Suzi Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer's race against Bob Cohen came down to the wire, but in the end Oppenheimer was elect to her 14th term.

Astorino's own Miracle on the Hudson in 2009 is now looking more like an aberration than a sea change in voters sentiment.

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The Empire

Source: GOP tries blocking George Soros' ballot

Monday, November 29, 2010

George Soros, a man who's spent a few million dollars promoting progressive causes, may not get his vote counted in a local race in New York.

In the November 2 elections, George Soros mailed in an absentee ballot. He has a home in Westchester and votes there, where right now, there's a recount going on in Republican Assemblyman Bob Castelli's race against Democratic challenger Tom Roach. Soros' ballot was among those Republicans objected to, saying it should not be counted, according to a source present during the count. A final ruling by a judge has not yet been made.

Messages left for the Westchester County GOP Election Commissioner Doug Colety were not returned last week and this afternoon were not returned.

Their practice of trying to knock out absentee ballots likely to benefit a rival is standard practice in contentious recounts. But usually, the ballots aren't submitted by notable (and rich!) political players.

In other news, I'm told there was no fuss when another pair of absentee ballots came in today, submitted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

[NOTE: An earlier version of this item incorrectly referred to the Oppenheimer-Cohen recount taking place in Westchester. The objection to Soros ballot, according to sources, came from Republican Assemblyman Bob Castelli's campaign, which is also involved in a recount in Westchester.]

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The Empire

Democrats trail 2 out of 3 undecided State Senate races

Friday, November 12, 2010

Democrats trail in two out of three undetermined State Senate races, according to the latest numbers from the ongoing canvassing, Senate Democratic spokesman Austin Shafran said.

According to Shafran:

Incumbent Democrat Craig Johnson trails by 427 votes.

Incumbent Democrat Suzi Oppenheimer leads by 504 votes. 2,455 absentee and 1,070 affidavit ballots remain uncounted.

Incumbent Democrat Antoine Thompson trails by 597 votes. 2,700 absentee ballots have yet to be counted.

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