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New Sounds

The East Is Read

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hear music based on Chinese stories for this edition of New Sounds.  Listen to the latest from Damon Albarn (yes, he of Gorillaz, Blur, as well as The Good the Bad and the Queen) - "Monkey: Journey to the West."  Albarn wrote this opera based on the Tang Dynasty manuscript about Monkey, who crashes heaven demanding a longer lease on life after having discovered that he is a mere mortal.  He calls for traditional Chinese percussion instruments, an Ondes Martenot, and a blaring contraption of his own invention known as a Klaxophone! 

New Sounds

New Music for Guitar

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Listen to music for guitars, acoustic and electric, and sometimes both on this New Sounds, including a bit from guitarist Andy Bole from a reissue of his 1984 “Ramshackle Pier.”  Bole is a fret-whiz, adeptly handling bouzouki, mandolin, and Weissenborn acoustic slide guitar with the greatest of ease. 


New Sounds

New Orchestral Music

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What will the new orchestral music of the 21st Century sound like?  Perhaps not quite full-sized orchestras, the likes of which can fill a concert stage, but rather chamber orchestras that incorporate rock instruments - saxophones, electric guitars, and drum kits. 


New Sounds

The New Opera - Part 3

Friday, October 20, 1989

In the third installment of 'The New Opera' series we hear excerpts from Gavin Bryars' "Medea, Act III," along with some of Philadelphia-born composer Stewart Wallace's pieces: "L'Cha Dodi" and "Kabbala."  Also, listen to Bob Telson and Little Village performing "The Glow of the Likeness" recorded live in Central Park.