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New Tech City

The Age of Entrepreneurship and Self-Help. Barf?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why is it that whenever I talk about the tech “scene,” the conversation often turns to doing what you love, being your best self, and finding your passion?

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The Brian Lehrer Show

Rising Asia

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mohsin Hamid, author of New York Times bestseller, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, talks about his new novel, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia.

→ Tonight: Mohsin Hamid in conversation with editor Rebecca Saletan at Greenlight bookstore, Starts here at 7:30

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The Leonard Lopate Show

Daring Greatly

Monday, January 07, 2013

Many of us think of vulnerability as showing weakness. But Brené Brown argues that not only does being vulnerable take strength and courage, it’s the basis for engaging with the world around us and meaningful connection with others. Her latest book is Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. Dr. Brown’s two TED Talks about her research into vulnerability are among the most popular on the site.

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The Leonard Lopate Show

Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cheryl Strayed talks about giving advice to thousands as a once-anonymous online columnist. Tiny Beautiful Things features the best of her column “Dear Sugar” and she talks about how to tackle everything life throws our way. She’ll also talk about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, which she wrote about in her memoir Wild.