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Opinion: Now is the Best Time for a Third Party to Rise

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A centrist third party could prosper in today’s political environment and end the stalemate in Washington. There is a large body of moderate Republicans, disaffected Democrats and dissatisfied independents looking for the kind of political home that this party could provide.

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With Christie Out of the Race, Is it Time for an Independent?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Though he never affirmed his intent to seek the Republican nomination for president, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ended all speculation that he may run yesterday. "Now is not my time," Christie said in a nationally televised news conference. The decision surely left many Republicans disappointed. With many feeling doubtful about the Republican candidates, and President Obama's approval rating dropping, is this the perfect time for an independent candidate to jump in?


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Ross Perot: The Last Great Political Insurgent

Monday, October 03, 2011

The economy was in the tank. the incumbent president’s approval ratings were below 50 percent and falling, angry activists were forming new organizations based on the sole premise of kicking out incumbents, and an untested governor from the south looked to be the most viable challenger.

It sounds a lot like today, but it was February 20, 1992. 

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The Process is Political: Wisconsin Recalls 'the Most Negative Ever'

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wisconsin Recalls 'the Most Negative Ever': It was clear the Wisconsin recall elections were a politically nasty affair, but now there are numbers to back it up. "Out of an estimated $12 million in campaign ads in these four markets, roughly 95% was spent on negative ads, 5% on positive ads," writes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert, citing a study by an ad-tracking firm. The findings prompted the paper to call for the state Supreme Court to uphold a rule requiring the groups funding all those ads to disclose where they're money is coming from. "If negative campaigning is the rule of the campaign trail, don't the citizens of the state have a right to know who is shoveling all that horse patooie? Of course they do," the paper editorialized. Oral arguments in that case are scheduled for next week. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)