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Downtown, Then and Now

Monday, October 10, 2011


Take a dip into minimal hypnotic music with something from composer/professor (theory and history of sound!) Anthony Moore and composer/artist Alexis Georgopoulos, who goes by “Arp.”  Moore was formerly a member of weird pop band Slapp Happy, and has also studied Indian classical music with Viram Jasani.  Georgopoulos used to be a member of California percussion ramble band Tussle and has written a few film scores and works for dance.  Together, these two punks have crafted a collection of tunes recalling the Penguin Café Orchestra stuck in a Möbius strip, with two for Englishman Robert Wyatt called “Wild Grass I & II.”


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Spinning on Air

What's New?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

David Garland presents new recordings, mostly by previous guests on the show, from musicians ranging in age from 6 to 65.

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