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Courting Cuomo: How the AG Candidates Tried, and Failed, to Woo Andrew Cuomo

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Andrew Cuomo could have gotten the attorney general candidate he wanted, if only he had endorsed her.

That's the lesson from the post-election roundtable hosted by the New School yesterday, where aides to the six attorney general campaigns discussed their campaigns.

Blake Zeff, who worked on the winning campaign of Eric Schneiderman said they had internal polling numbers showing what the impact of a Cuomo endorsement would be on the race. "I would say somewhat hyperbolically, the poll showed us specifically that if Kathleen Rice got the Cuomo endorsement that we were done," he said. "She had so many advantages to begin with, the money not being the least, that [endorsement] would be nearly fatal to us."


It's A Free Country ®

Five Dems for NY AG Coming Down to Wire

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

With less than a week to go, polls indicate most Democratic voters couldn't pick one of the five contenders for Attorney General out of a line-up. The airwaves are jammed with AG wannabe TV ads and the candidates are all beating the bushes to produce yet another marquee endorsement.

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Campaign Postcard: AG Candidate Richard Brodsky Makes His Bid to Be the 'People's Protector'

Friday, September 03, 2010

The veteran assemblyman is counting on voters to remember his decades-long Albany record battling special interests and unaccountable public authorities. WNYC's Bob Hennelly spends a day with the Brodsky campaign.

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Digesting Politics Podcast

Digesting Politics: Politicizing Cordoba's Park51, Primary Battles, Republican Voter Turnout

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Cordoba Initiative's planned Islamic center and mosque in Downtown Manhattan is influencing the race for New York governor, the juggling for identity in the crowded field of Democratic candidates for New York attorney general, plus the latest on various local and national political stories as WNYC’s Brian Lehrer, Bob Hennelly and Azi Paybarah talk politics over lunch.



Attorney General Hopefuls Spar Over Pension, Budget In First Candidate Forum

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For the first time since the New York State Democratic Party convention, all five Democrats hoping to replace Attorney General Cuomo faced off yesterday. At a candidate forum hosted by City Hall News, each member of the crowded field eagerly tried to pop out of the pack by stressing their version of how best to restore voter confidence in government.


Azi Paybarah

The Debate Debate in the AG Race

Monday, June 21, 2010


One of the most important parts of any campaign is getting opponents to answer the questions you want them to. It’s the debate about the debate, if you will.

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Race to Be the Next Attorney General: Meet the Candidates

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This week’s New York State Democratic State Party Convention delegates will weigh in on which one of five fellow Democrats they want to see replace Attorney General Andrew Cuomo as the state’s top law enforcement officer. The opinion of presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Cuomo will loom large. If one of the AG contenders gets 51 percent, they win the party’s designation. And anyone who garners at least 25 percent is qualified to get their name on the September primary ballot. Short of those two options, Democratic contenders would have to get 15,000 signatures from around the state to get on the ballot for the primary.

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