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TN Moving Stories: What To Do With $47 Million of ARC Property, DC Metro Has A Record Weekend, And Remembering Pontiac

Monday, November 01, 2010

NJ Transit officials are wondering what to do with $47 million of North Bergen property, purchased for the ARC tunnel entrance. (Jersey Journal)

The Detroit Free Press cheers that state's recent high speed rail grant, but says they should have gotten more money. "The failure of Michigan politicians to address transportation funding needs certainly did not help."

AC Transit service cuts began yesterday, hitting Bay Area with a 7% reduction in service. (Silicon Valley Mercury-News)

General Motors officially retired the Pontiac brand, and the New York Times wrote an obituary.

This weekend's "Rally to Restore Sanity" set DC Metro ridership records. (WAMU)

"Underbelly Project:" an art exhibit (illegally) mounted in an abandoned New York City subway station. (New York Times)

Election tweet of the day, from Matt Laslo:  "Totally just saw a Fimian for Congress truck smack and bend a parking meter."

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