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TN Moving Stories: Student Athletes WON'T have to pay up, self-service airport scanners, and cell service to hit NYC subways.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oregon transit takes away parking spaces from crowded park and ride garage -- and puts in 74 biking parking spots.  Look at it this way, officials say:  you haven't lost eight spots --you've gained 74 bike spots!  (Oregon live)

Los Angeles Schools Chief, in reversal, says school athletes will NOT have to pay $24 towards transportation to sporting events.  He'll find "other financial options" to foot the $650,000 bill.  Good luck! (Los Angeles Times)

LaHood, Wisconisin Governor Doyle, get ready for "big announcement" on High Speed Rail Thursday. (Business Week).

The phone will be ringing off the hook: New York subway tunnels will also get wifi. (New York Daily News)

Self service "subway-style" scanners being tested at Houston airport.  Bloomberg

Suburban Nassau county sues NYC MTA for bus funding.  MTA says Nassau has been a deadbeat for a decade, Nassau says too bad, we're broke!  Buses could go private. (Long Island Press)

And crosswalks lights from around the world art installation graces Lower Manhattan construction zone:  (


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What Can a Park and Ride Do For You?

Monday, June 28, 2010

The proposed Park-and-Ride site, near Manvel, Texas

(Houston, TX - Wendy Siegle, KUHF News Lab) Houston's traffic has been ranked sixth-worse in the nation this year.  So residents getting a park & ride, say in the Pearland area, may be pretty happy to know that cars could be coming off roads.  But if you live near the 12-acre parcel of land where that park and ride may go, there's another debate around you.  One concerned with more traffic on your main street, crime and  property values.

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