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Intelligence Squared US: Can Israel Live With a Nuclear Iran?

Saturday, April 06, 2013

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Over the summer of 2012, despite increased international pressure and economic sanctions, Iran doubled the number of nuclear centrifuges installed in its underground Fordow site, stopping just short of the capacity to produce nuclear fuel. Can Israel live with a nuclear Iran, or could the time be near for a pre-emptive strike? Our debaters are James Dobbins, Reuven Pedatzur, Shmuel Bar, and Jeffrey Goldberg.


The Brian Lehrer Show

Our Covert War with Iran

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

With all the attention being paid to revolutions throughout the Middle East, our relationship with Iran has dropped off the headlines. NPR diplomatic correspondent Mike Shuster discusses how the US and other countries continue to try and stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions through a covert cyber-war.

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Swiss Family Involved in Black Market Arms Deals

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Swiss magistrate has recommended that three members of a family in Switzerland be tried for violating their country’s laws regarding the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Magistrate Andreas Muller told The New York Times that a six-year investigation by Swiss authorities showed Friedrich Tinner and his sons, Marco and Urs, were working with Abdul Qadeer Khan, the so-called “father” of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb. The Tinner family had also, according to American officials, worked secretly with the C.I.A. on nuclear issues since 2000. If the Tinners are found guilty, they face up to ten years in prison. But what does their relationship reveal about a black market of nuclear proliferation at work in a country so friendly to the U.S.?