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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Today on "The Capitol Pressroom":

Unlike many lawmakers, Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb is not all that thrilled about the deal hammered out by the Governor and both houses of the legislature in the wee hours. He will join us to discuss the issues, and (hopefully) comment on the winners & losers in the race for economic development cash.

Last week the State won the battle over where prisoners should be counted for the purposes of redistricting – the decision is considered a win for Senate Democrats. Queens lawmaker Democrat Mike Gianaris has reaction.

And Blair Horner a VP at the American Cancer Society and a long-time political observer at the Capitol in Albany weighs in on the vast spectrum of issues unfolding here.

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The Four-Day Work Week

Friday, August 28, 2009

Men at WorkFor the past year, the Utah government have been experimenting with a four-day work week for state workers. The state experiment's original goal was to increase energy savings among state buildings, but many other benefits have been proven as a result of the policy change. 'If you shut offices down one day a week, you don't have to cool them, heat them, and workers don't have to drive to work. Everyone saves money,' says Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine. In addition to the millions of dollars Utah has saved on energy costs, many workers are saving money used for transportation costs while playing a part in environmental conservation. 'We found that there was less traffic and less air pollution because there were less people on the roads' says Walsh.

NYS Assemblyman Mike Gianaris (D-36, Queens) is another person who has subscribed to the idea and expressed his interest in having a four-day workweek instituted in New York State. This program is 'estimated to save New York $3 million a year,' says Gianaris. In addition to the issue of government and energy sayings, Walsh saysthat the majority of workers surveyed commented on the difference in their quality of life. 'A lot of people found that they had more time to do errands. Other people found themselves volunteering and exercising.'