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Rebecca Mead Discusses Middlemarch and My Life in Middlemarch

Friday, March 28, 2014

Many of our book club authors have listed Middlemarch as among of their favorite and most influential novels, so for our March selection, the Lopate Show Book club is reading George Eliot’s masterpiece, which is often called the greatest English novel. It deals with the complexity of love, the meaning of marriage, morality, and human aspiration and failure. Rebecca Mead joins us to talk about what makes the classic novel so great, and to discuss her book, My Life in Middlemarch. Mixing biography, reporting, and memoir, Mead explores Middlemarch’s important place in her own life, as well as the many lives the novel has led since it was written.


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Studio 360

St. Vincent’s Art Pop & Meditating on Middlemarch

Friday, February 14, 2014

The powerhouse guitarist Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, calls her music a cross between pop and “lunatic fringe.” She tells Kurt Andersen how David Byrne and metal heroes Pantera inspired her new album. The author Rebecca Mead makes the case for George Eliot's Middlemarch as the greatest novel ...

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Rebecca Mead Lives In Middlemarch

Friday, February 14, 2014

At 900 pages, George Eliot’s Middlemarch is a serious read for serious readers. It’s a Victorian epic, but on a small scale. Eliot meticulously details the extraordinary lives of mostly ordinary people living in a fictional English town. “Middlemarch can help you grow to be a wiser, more thoughtful ...

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