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Walnut Sauce: Fall's Answer to Pesto

Friday, October 07, 2011


A visit to the Italian imported food emporium, Eataly, is disorienting only for the sheer, 5,000 square-foot size of the shopping hall. Otherwise, it's filled with a lot of familiar products. Cookies. Candies. Canned and fresh fish. Pasta. Soda. And cappuccino and gelato, which are now thoroughly familiar to American palates. And then my gaze fell upon a little jar of walnut sauce.

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Transportation Nation

NYC DOT To Cyclists: Don't Be Jerks

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation)  In the great tradition of leveraging public shame to correct behavior (as in this classic 1970s anti-littering commercial), the New York City Department of Transportation has rolled out an ad campaign it's calling "Don't Be A Jerk." The message: bicyclists, you need to clean up your act.

The city has called upon several celebrities (like the orange-shod chef, Mario Batali, seen below cycling against the traffic) to demonstrate bad biking behaviors.

“As our streets have become safer and as more New Yorkers take to two wheels, bike riders need to adopt a street code,” said NYC DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. “A nice way to put it is that we all simply need to look out for one another. To put it a little more bluntly, don’t be a jerk. It’s a simple, direct message with a wink for bicyclists to follow the rules and help make our streets safer for everyone on them.”

The ads are timed to coincide with Bike Month (not to mention coverage of the NYPD's ticketing of bicyclists) and will air on local television stations through the end of June.

Been ticketed while riding a bike? Let TN know.

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Talk to Me

Talk To Me: Mario Batali on Disgust - Part II

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top chef Mario Batali and food scholar Paul Rozin continue their discussion about disgust in the second part of their two-part "Talk to Me" podcast.


Talk to Me

Talk To Me: Mario Batali on Disgust - Part I

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do meat-eating men and women love shoulders, but not lips? Ribs, but not ears? Chowing down on pig's feet causes many to recoil, yet cheese that smells like feet is delectable?