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Episode 1: Handel's Judas Maccabeus

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The audio for this podcast has expired.

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Classics For Kids

Roll Over Beethoven

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beethoven seems to be the source of more musical jokes than any other composer. This week on Classics for Kids, hear some funny stories about Beethoven and listen to some very interesting takes on his music.

Classics For Kids

Beethoven’s Symphonies

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The nine symphonies that Ludwig van Beethoven wrote changed the course of symphonic writing forever. Learn about this great music and the man who wrote it this week on Classics for Kids.

Classics For Kids

Beethoven the Pianist

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Over the course of Beethoven’s life, the piano grew from a small instrument with 48 keys to a powerful one with 88 keys. This week on Classics for Kids, hear how the music of Beethoven shows the great things this new instrument could do.

Classics For Kids

About Ludwig van Beethoven

Saturday, March 01, 2014

The opening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony may be the most recognized-piece of classical music ever written and the man who composed it the most important composer who ever lived. Learn about the life of Ludwig van Beethoven this week on Classics for Kids.

NYPR Archives & Preservation

Music in a Democracy

Monday, January 06, 2014

From the August, 1942 WQXR Program Guide:

Editorial Note: Occasionally we receive letters from listeners who protest angrily against our broadcasting German music either orchestral or vocal. Because of the democratic implications of the problem, we have asked Ernest Angell, President of the Council for Democracy, to present his views, which he does in the following article. The Council for Democracy is dedicated to a fighting faith in democracy, and hence Mr. Angell's comments represent the considered opinion of real fighters for our present way of life.

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All Ears with Terrance McKnight

When Form Follows Composer

Saturday, October 05, 2013

On this edition of All Ears, Terrance McKnight explores composers who have veered outside of the styles for which they are best known.


Live Broadcasts

Listen: Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in Central Park

Monday, September 02, 2013

Hear the Chamber Music Society performing works by Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak.

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Live Broadcasts

Orpheus Performs Rossini, Beethoven, Haydn and Tchaikovsky

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Listen to last week's Orpheus Chamber Orchestra concert in Central Park, which featured works by Beethoven, Haydn and Rossini -- until rain forced it to conclude early.

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All Ears with Terrance McKnight

When Form Follows Composer

Saturday, June 01, 2013

There are musical forms that seemingly go hand in hand with the musicians that made them famous: Scott Joplin and the rag; J.S. Bach and the fugue; Chopin and the nocturne.

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Exploring Music

The Symphony, Part I

Monday, December 10, 2012

In the beginning, there were Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, or so we thought. That is until we uncovered a whole world of instrumental music so varied, so wonderful and so woefully unknown, we decided to take out time in that glorious place. Starting with a Sinfonia by Biaggio Marini from 1618, we slowly make out way through the 17th century, the 18th century and finish at the brink of the Romantic era with the Second Symphony by Beethoven.

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Exploring Music

Beethoven's Vienna

Monday, November 26, 2012

Host Bill McGlaughlin spends this week exploring the music of Vienna, Beethoven’s adopted hometown.

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The Choral Mix with Kent Tritle

Lesser-Known Choral Beethoven

Sunday, November 25, 2012

On this edition of The Choral Mix, Kent Tritle showcases the best of choral Beethoven: works ranging from the majestic Ninth Symphony to his less familiar early cantatas.

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Exploring Music

Beethoven and the Piano

Monday, November 19, 2012

Two hundred years after the composition of Beethoven's five piano concertos, they're still the giants in the repertoire. Join host Bill McGlaughlin for a concerto a day, plus some of his more intimate works for the instrument.


Beethoven Awareness Month

Saturday Morning Cartoons: What's Ludwig Up To Today?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21 is the featured music in this Saturday's cartoon. Music from the finale is used, along with the Fifth Symphony’s famous four-note motive, in the theme music for "Ludwig," a British series of animated short films made in the 1970s by Mirek and Peter Lang. Ludwig is an egg shaped, mechanical creature who loves Beethoven’s music.

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All Ears with Terrance McKnight

Walking with Beethoven

Saturday, November 10, 2012

On this episode of All Ears, Terrance McKnight gets into the spirit of Beethoven Awareness Month on WQXR by featuring some of the composer's andantes for piano and orchestra.

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The Greene Space

Check out Music aficionados listen to DJ Spooky remixing Beethoven with the Brooklyn Riders

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ludwig van Beethoven meets the rhythm of the 21st century in this one-of-a-kind event.  Guests include DJ Rekha and DJ Spooky, and Brooklyn Rider.


World of Opera

Beethoven's Fidelio from Italy's Royal Theater

Thursday, July 12, 2012

• Listen to the Operavore stream

Ludwig van Beethoven spent as much time on his only opera as some composers did on their entire portfolios -- and it shows. Fidelio is one of opera's greatest stories of salvation, both literal and spiritual.


WQXR Features

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Play It Again, Schroeder

Saturday, July 07, 2012

We know that number-one Ludwig van fan Schroeder can play just about any Beethoven piece beautifully. Here he is playing Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 3.