Julianna Barwick: Hypnotic And Sweeping Choral Music

Friday, August 16, 2013

Watch the ambient musician and singer Julianna Barwick perform "Forever" from her upcoming album Nepenthe in the Soundcheck studio.

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Transportation Nation

The Transportation System Chicago Never Got

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Proposed Wells Street Subway

WBEZ has taken a deep dive into Chicago's transportation history and uncovered some items that were once on the city's wish list.

  • in the 1950s, the city considered tearing down the Loop "L" because it was thought the  "iron girdle" was retarding the expansion of the central business district
  • a grade-level rail line (Ravenswood) was going to be lowered into an open "cut" in the ground
  • the west leg of the Red Line -- which now terminates at 95th Street -- was supposed to go to 119th Street

More pictures -- and the story -- can be found here: Part I; Part II; Part III

Want to see more transit what-ifs? Check out New York's lost subways.

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