League Of Crafty Guitarists

New Sounds

Robert Fripp’s Soundscapes, Live 2010

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Electric-guitar based ambient music created in the moment by Robert Fripp is what you’ll hear on this New Sounds.  Best known as the founder and leader of King Crimson, he developed a tape-looping technique eventually dubbed “Frippertronics,” which he used when he worked with Brian Eno in the mid 1970’s.  (Fripp also formed an acoustic steel string performance-ensemble - the League of Crafty Guitarists in the mid-80’s - which has influenced countless guitarists.)


New Sounds

Multiple Motoric Guitars

Monday, January 28, 2013

For this guitar-centric New Sounds, listen to music from Robert Fripp and his League of Crafty Guitarists, along with something from the French guitar trio, Philharmonie.  We’ll listen to an electric guitar work from Philharmonie, “The Elephant Bell-Ringers.”  Also, hear Steve Reich’s entire three-movement “Electric Counterpoint,” as performed by Pat Metheny on tape. 

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