Kings County Hospital Center


With Bellevue Psychiatric Unit Offline, Mentally Ill Face New Challenges

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The temporary shut-down of Bellevue’s psychiatric ward has led to concerns about possible crowding at the other facilities where patients have ended up—including Kings County Hospital Center, which had a troubled record of caring for the mentally ill even before Sandy struck.

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Feds Slam Troubled NY Psych Ward

Friday, February 06, 2009

Months after Videotape of Neglected Patient Dying Spurs Reforms, Feds Fault City Psych Ward in Brooklyn for Continuing Problems

Novelist Charles Dickens visited a New York City mental hospital in the 1840s and reported on dismal conditions there. Forty years later, journalist Nellie Bly had herself committed for 10 days to the same facility on what’s now known as Roosevelt Island and wrote a landmark expose about it. Together, they helped etch in modern consciousness the images of the abject lunatic asylum as Hell on earth – a place where physical violence, sexual invasion and gross neglect amount to the triumph of anarchy and chaos.

US Justice Dept Report on Kings County Hospital

US Justice Dept Report on Kings County Hospital

A new federal report paints a similarly dire picture of the psychiatric ward at Kings County Hospital Center, in Brooklyn, where patients allegedly beat and sometimes rape one another, and staff allegedly ignore patients and use sporadic, ineffective methods of treating violent or suicidal people with severe psychopathologies.