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Monday, November 03, 2014

Every weekday during November, WQXR offered daily downloads of noteworthy Bach recording. First up was the "Sleepers Awake" from Bach's Cantata 140.

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Spinning on Air

Joshua Rifkin Presents Wildflowers

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Judy Collins' 1967 album "Wildflowers" is a lovely collection of thoughtful songs sung beautifully to inventive, timeless orchestral arrangements. There hasn't been another album quite like it, before or since. Joshua Rifkin, who created the sensitive arrangements for "Wildflowers," and conducted the recording, joins David Garland in the WNYC Studio to tell of his experiences helping to make this timeless album at age 23. We learn how he was at first stuck for ideas, and how at a convivial California lunch of wine and Collin's Beef Stroganoff, inspiration suddenly struck. Rifkin shares insights about a few specific arrangements, and we learn a bit about Rifkin's own diverse career as a member of The Even Dozen Jug Band, arranger of "The Baroque Beatles Book," catalyst for the revival of interest in composer Scott Joplin, and Rifkin's life-long involvement with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.


WQXR Features

Joshua Rifkin, Onetime Early-Music Rebel, Looks Bach

Friday, June 28, 2013

Joshua Rifkin studied with Babbitt and Stockhausen, recorded with a jug band, and created arrangements for Judy Collins. This Sunday at 9 pm, he talks with David Garland about J.S. Bach.

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