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More Cool Stuff: Coffee Farmers in Uganda, Jewish Afrobeat, Dan Friel, Verity Susman

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


There's more cool stuff to share from the impatient staff of New Sounds, with a free Download!  Listen to exciting and unexpected combinations of Afrobeat and Jewish Cantorial music by Jon Madof and Zion80, along with field recordings of Ugandan coffee workers, some abrasive electronica by composer Dan Friel, and a "Dad-joke" song by Verity Susman.  Turns out that the staff hasn't been able to hoard all the good stuff for long.  Our host, John Schaefer, has included the Jon Madof and Zion80 in Thursday night's show and is going to make the "Delicious Peace" record part of Friday night's program. 


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