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The Real Story Behind Tyler Clementi's Tragic Death

Friday, February 03, 2012

In September 2010, Tyler Clementi's name became synonymous with bullying, suicide, and the "It Gets Better" project. But while many sensational headlines made it seem as though Clementi was unwillingly outed via a sex tape made available on the internet, the real story is significantly different and far more complicated. New accounts of the case published this week in the New Yorker and OUT magazine — the latter of which was written by Clementi's older brother — reveal the role race, class, and personality had to do with this devastating story.

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Opinion: Gay Marriage - It Doesn't 'Get Better' On Its Own

Friday, July 01, 2011

An increasing number of Senators are calling more vocally for the repeal of DOMA, the federal law that stands as one of the greatest obstacles to marriage equality. There are leaders—advocates, elected, citizens—who are working to ensure that "It Gets Better" is more than a phrase. Yet, President Obama, it seems, isn't ready to be one of those leaders.

Justin Krebs, It's A Free Country blogger.

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