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Friday, May 06, 2011

Tonya Gonella Frichner, president and founder of the American Indian Law Alliance, recent North American Regional Representative to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and Ben Zimmer, executive producer of the Visual Thesaurus and, discuss the controversy over the use of an  American Indian hero, Geronimo, as the code-name for the Bin Laden operation. 

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The Takeaway

Codename Geronimo: Offensive to Native Americans?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

"Geronimo" — that was the codename given to America’s most hated man, the world’s most hunted terrorist, and the object of one of our most high profile military missions ever. But now, many are taking issue with the United States government associating Osama bin Laden with an iconic Native American leader. And the Fort Still Apache Tribe in Oklahoma is asking President Obama for an apology. We talk with Jeff Houser, Tribal Chairman of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe.

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