The Leonard Lopate Show

Guest Picks: Tony Walker

Friday, January 04, 2013

Tony Walker, one of the people who's the subject of Michael Apted's 7 Up series, was on the Lopate Show to discuss "56 Up," the 7th installment of the project. Apted has been following 14 men and women since the age of 7, checking in with them every 7 years. Tony is now a cab driver in London and he told us what he's been reading and listening to -- and his favorite comfort food, which is a classic.


The Leonard Lopate Show

Guest Picks: Michael Apted

Friday, January 04, 2013

Filmmaker Michael Apted was on the Leonard Lopate Show recently to talk about his film "56 Up," the latest installment in his "7 Up" series. He's been following 14 men and women since the age of 7, checking in with them every 7 years, and he was joined by Tony Walker, a member of the group who became a London cab driver. Apted also told us what he's been reading and watching in between.


The Leonard Lopate Show


Friday, January 04, 2013

On today’s show: we’ll look at how some of the principles of physics could be applied to Wall Street and how some physicists are already changing our financial institutions. Also, filmmaker Michael Apted talks about the latest installment of his 7 Up series, which checks in on the lives of a group of men and women every 7 years. And, Rob Rapley and Neal Huff discuss their documentary “The Abolitionists.” Plus, our latest Please Explain is about helium!


Third Coast International Audio Festival

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Airing: November 22, 8pm on AM820, 93.9FM and NJPR

The Third Coast International Audio Festival brings the best new documentaries produced worldwide to the national airwaves in a special two-hour program. Best of the Best: The 2012 Third Coast Festival Broadcast. This year's special showcases the winners of the 2012 TC/RHDF Competition, interviews with the winning producers, and highlights from our 2012 Third Coast Awards Ceremony hosted by the Kitchen Sisters and featuring the band The Hudson Branch. Gwen Macsai, host of the Third Coast's Re:sound, and an award-winning writer/humorist, will guide listeners through this two-hour tour of the world's best new documentaries.


The Leonard Lopate Show

Brooklyn Castle

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alexis Paredes, I.S. 318 graduate and top-rated high school chess player, and John Galvin, the Assistant Principal at I.S. 318 and chess coordinator there, talk about the documentary “Brooklyn Castle,” which they’re both featured in. The film tells the stories of five members of the chess team at a low-income inner city junior high school that has won more national championships than any other in the country. “Brooklyn Castle” is playing at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center and Sunshine Landmark Cinemas.

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The Brian Lehrer Show

Central Park Five Documentary Subpoena

Friday, October 05, 2012

Sarah Burns, filmmaker and author of The Central Park Five: A Chronicle of a City Wilding, and David McMahon, filmmaker and producer, discuss the NYPD's attempts to subpoena outtakes from their forthcoming documentary (with Ken Burns) on the Central Park Five.

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The Takeaway

Anti-Obama Documentary Is a Box Office Hit

Monday, August 27, 2012

An anti-Obama documentary by conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza is set to break box office records.

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Testing the Psychology Behind Fonts

Monday, August 13, 2012

Last month, filmmaker Errol Morris published a quiz on The New York Times website that was seemingly about people's life outlooks. In actuality, it was testing something quite different.

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The Takeaway

Vito: The Activist and the Film

Thursday, July 19, 2012

When he was a young man in the 1960s, Vito Russo wasn’t that different from a lot of young gay men in America, but there was one difference: While many gay Americans still lived in the closet, Vito was out, proud, and loud. The new documentary "Vito" takes a closer look at his life.

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The Takeaway

'A Light in Her Eyes' Examines the Role of Women in Islam

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Many of the Muslim clerics preaching in Syria believe women should never even enter a mosque, much less be educated in one. Now a new movement of Muslim women is daring to challenge these prevailing views.


The Brian Lehrer Show

Invisible War

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, director and producer of the documentary "The Invisible War," talk about their film, which looks at the problem of sexual assault in the military. They are joined by former Marine officer Ariana Klay, who is featured in the film.

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The Takeaway

How Obama's Campaign Video Stacks Up, Politically and Cinematically

Friday, March 16, 2012

The biographical campaign film has a long and proud place in U.S. political theater: from 1952's "The Man from Abilene," about Eisenhower, to 1992's "The Man from Hope," about Bill Clinton, these films have become an essential part of the campaign season. They not only try to appeal to voters' political concerns, they also try to cement in their minds an impression of the candidates' personalities.

The Obama campaign released a 17-minute documentary-style film last night called "The Road We've Traveled." It's narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by David Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of "An Inconvenient Truth." What does it have to offer, politically and cinematically?


The Takeaway

"Saving Face": An Oscar-Winning Look at Acid Attacks in Pakistan

Thursday, March 08, 2012

There are at least 100 reports of acid attacks in Pakistan each year, and they're overwhelmingly against women. This figure only accounts for the reported cases — it’s assumed that many more go unreported.

The Academy Award-winning documentary short film "Saving Face" looks at this phenomenon through the experiences of three people: Zakia, a 39-year-old woman whose husband threw acid on her after she filed for divorce; Rukhasana, a 23-year-old woman who was attacked by her husband and his family; and Dr. Mohammad Jawad, a plastic surgeon dedicated to healing the faces of the injured women.

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NYC Filmmakers Dominate Oscar Doc Nominees

Sunday, February 26, 2012

If history is any guide, the winners of the Best Short and Feature Documentary categories at Sunday night's Academy Awards will likely be New Yorkers. Since 2005, half of the winning directors and 10 of the 14 winning producers have called New York City home.


Here's The Thing

Joe Berlinger

Monday, January 16, 2012

Documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger went to Arkansas to investigate what he thought was a trend in youth violence; instead he found there were three wrongfully incarcerated teenagers. 

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Studio 360

Commentary: The Spectacle of Reality

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Kurt reflects on reality TV and its early iterations: documentaries.