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Ecstatic Music Festival 2013: Clogs, Sarah Kirkland Snider & Orchestra for the Next Century

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For this second of three New Sounds Live concerts from the Ecstatic Music Festival, on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, at 7:30PM at Merkin Hall, it's a double-bill of vocally-driven new music. Hear Sarah Kirkland Snider's new song-cycle for seven vocalists and chamber orchestra,"Unremembered," featuring vocal performances by DM Stith, Shara Worden and Padma Newsome along with the Orchestra for the Next Century.  The work sets poetry by New-York-based poet/writer Nathaniel Bellows recalling strange and beautiful happenings experienced during a childhood in rural Massachusetts. Also sharing the bill is the indie chamber band Clogs in a trio incarnation with Newsome (vocals, viola), Rachael Elliott (bassoon) and Thomas Kozumplik (percussion). Together with the Orchestra for the Next Century, directed by Gary Schneider, Clogs perform new works and arrangements by Newsome, Worden and Stith.



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