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Text Results: Survey on Marriage and Cohabiting

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Wednesday's show, we asked you to text your answers to a four-part survey about attitudes towards living together before marriage. Almost 600 responded, here are some of the results. We'll post more data as we continute to crunch the numbers. Highlights:

  • 58% of our respondents were female; 42% male
  • Average age of respondents: 39
  • In response to the question "In general, do you think people should live together before getting married?" 
  • 84% of all respondents said YES.  
  • 93% of men said YES
  • 80% of women said YES
  • 84% of those under 30 said YES, 87% over 30 said yes

Below, some charts showing the living situation breakdown for our respondents.

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