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WWE Goes After McMahon Critic

Friday, August 20, 2010

WWE, the company run by CT GOP Senate candidate Linda McMahon is pushing back against statements from a former wrestler who accused the organization of lacking protective oversight for its employees. The former wrestler, Chris Nowinski, also took a shot at McMahon for saying she probably had only one passing conversation with a 29-year-old wrestler who recently died of heart failure. Nowinski said McMahon's comments equated to kicking "dirt" on the now-deceased wrestler's grave.

Today, WWE (not McMahon's campaign, but close enough) sent out a statement questioning Nowinski's credibility.

Among their statements:

Mr. Nowinski states, “They have an environment where it's absolutely unsafe to work in that ring." "They have no oversight into what actually happens in the ring.” If so, then why would Mr. Nowinski have ever wanted to be a part of such an environment?

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The Empire

Former WWE Wrestler Goes After McMahon

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Republican Linda McMahon's senate candidacy in CT had been forged in no small part on the WWE wrestling empire she and her husband built, which itself is mourning the death of a 29-year-old wrestler Lance Cade from heart failure.

McMahon says she and the organization should not be held responsible.

A former WWE wrestler (and Harvard alum), Chris Nowinski, has a different view. In a television interview last night, Nowinski says wrestling organizers "have an environment that is absolutely unsafe to work in that ring. They have no oversight over what actually happens in that ring. And they are encouraging steroid use."

Nowinski also said McMahon's comment about maybe having met the now-deceased wrestler only once was, "kicking dirt on the guy's grave."

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