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Syria; Cory Booker; Christine Quinn; New Taxis; Innovative Cities

Friday, June 14, 2013

What comes next now that the chemical weapons "red line" has been crossed in Syria. Also: Newark Mayor Cory Booker makes his case for the open senate seat in New Jersey. Plus: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn talks about her campaign to be the next mayor of New York City; author and architect William McDonough explains what it means to upcycle; Transportation Nation reporter Kate Hinds answers basic questions on the new outer-borough taxis rolling out later this summer; and Bruce Katz, founder of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and author of a new book, discusses how cities are on the forefront of civic innovation. 

Transportation Nation

How Americans Decide to (Not) Use Transit

Monday, May 10, 2010

The nation has gone through dramatic demographic and economic change over the last 10 years, in what history may end up calling the "lost decade" because jobs and economic change didn't keep pace.  That loss is coming home to roost now, says the Brookings Institution, which has turned its gaze and powers of analysis to The State of Metropolitan America.  One focus is on commuting, where the latest Census data and research points to a small drop in the number of people driving alone to work.  There is also a stark illustration of transit use: in only two major U.S. do more than one-quarter of residents do something besides drive to work alone (they are SF and NYC).

Today on The Takeaway, Bruce Katz, the Director of Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program, shares his findings.  Among them, "if we keep building out low-density sprawl -- subsidized, frankly by government -- people won't choose a (transit) option."  Steve Dutch, Professor of Applied and Natural Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Green-Bay shares his research and views on why people don't use mass transitMore.

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