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TN Moving Stories: NYC's MetroCard Error Rate Is 20%, and Federal Way's Mayor Asks: Where is the Transportation Equity?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston cabbies, resistant to accepting credit cards because of a processing fee, might be placated by taxi payment smartphone apps. (WBUR)

The New York Daily News reports that the odds of having to swipe a MetroCard more than once to get through the turnstile are one in five.

DC's city budget might not be that bad for transit. (Greater Greater Washington)

NYC police are writing 48% more bike tickets this year than they did last year. (NY Post)

Nick Rahall (a Democrat on the House Transportation Committee) wants to see an increase in the gas tax. (The Hill)

The Washington State city of Federal Way is considering legal action after the transit agency reneged on a promise to build light rail there. From Federal Way's Mayor: "When you're the largest city in King County not to have rail at the end of the day, and yet your city was asked in the Growth Management Act to take the most residential growth of King County and fewer jobs, people are starting to say 'where is the equity?" (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Richmond began removing asphalt from a parking lot that had paved over a burial ground for slaves and free blacks. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Want to ride in a bike lane, but there isn't one available? Create one via projection. (Video below via FastCompany.) Note: the embedding of this video in no way means that TN endorses riding your bike on sidewalks or on subway staircases.

The backlash to the Brookings' study on the best and worst places for transit has begun. (Atlantic)

Lebanon needs an efficient transit system, not subsidies for cabbies and truck drivers, argues one man. (The Daily Star)

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Transportation Nation

TN Moving Stories: Boston's Pricey Cabs, BART Clears A San Jose Hurdle, and Privatizing The Tappan Zee?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boston cab (photo by SPBer via Wikimedia Commons)

Radio Boston (WBUR) tries to figure out why that city's cabs are the most expensive in the nation.

The five-decade-long quest to bring BART to San Jose cleared a major hurdle yesterday, when the Federal Transit Administration recommended that it receive $130 million in federal funds this year -- clearing the way for construction to begin in 2012. (Mercury News)

A state commission charged with shoring up Maryland’s cash-strapped transportation improvement fund has proposed raising more than $800 million in increased fees -- and called on state leaders not to take money from the system to plug other holes in the budget. (Baltimore Business Journal)

The Takeaway talks to an economist who says that despite negative perceptions, cities make us better -- and happier.

It's too expensive to maintain New York's Tappan Zee Bridge. It's too expensive to replace it. So politicians are looking at how private companies might provide a solution. (Wall Street Journal)

NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will propose changes to parking rules in her State of the City speech today. (WNYC)

An Ecuardorean judge fined Chevron $9 billion in a decade-long pollution case. (Marketplace)

The FAA said that U.S. airline-passenger numbers will reach 1 billion in fiscal 2021 -- two years sooner than projected -- because of improved economic growth. (Washington Post)

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee kicked off their reauthorization field hearings/public listening sessions in West Virginia, where some attendees wanted to talk about raising the gas tax. (Charleston Gazette)

Virginia Senator Mark Warner said that Governor Bob McDonnell's plan to pump nearly $3 billion in the state's roads over three years is not "fiscally conservative" and will not solve the state's transportation problems. (Washington Post)

Top Transportation Nation stories we're following: President Obama released his budget; we began looking at its transportation spending.  And: in honor of Valentine's Day, we found love on the subway.

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