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Visualization: London Bike Share Usage on Day of Tube Strike

Monday, March 21, 2011

(Alex Goldmark -- Transportation Nation) Last summer London launched a bikeshare plan that's on pace to have more than 4,000 bikes in and around the British capital. The scheme is officially called Barclay's Cycle Hire, but commonly known as Boris' Bikes after pro-bike mayor Boris Johnson who pushed for the plan.

This animation shows the real-time behavior of Boris' Bikes throughout London on one particular day: October 4th 2010. That's the day of a major tube strike, and the busiest day for the bikeshare scheme to date, according to the video posted by Sociable Physics.

Data collation and routing by Ollie O'Brien (CASA-UCL); Visualization created by Martin Austwick (ENFOLDing project/CASA-UCL) using Processing. See here for more info.

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