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Cuomo's shrinking government

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One key plan of Andrew Cuomo's agenda is reducing the size of local government in New York. He once went on tour around the state just talking about it.

During a press conference on October 5, columnist Andrea Peyser asked Cuomo about his bill that enabled local governments to consolidate. Her questions was this: have any local municipalities in New York actually been consolidated?

Cuomo said the law was passed last year and a few plans are in the works currently. He then said he'd provide more information.

Today, after referencing his consolidation plan in at a press conference about property taxes, I asked his campaign for that info. Here's what they said:

The Village of Odessa will vote on December 7 whether to join into Town of Catharine. And on November 10, the Village of Altmar will vote on whether to join the Town of Albion.

In Cattaraugus County, three villages voted to dissolve into nearby towns.

In Seneca County, the Vilalge of Seneca Falls voted to dissolve into the Town of Seneca Falls (1,198 to 1,112).

There have been other votes, I'm told, with some consolidation plans rejected, and some passed.

Just in case you were wondering.

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The Empire

Losing the Peyser voter

Friday, October 08, 2010

Andrew Cuomo does not seem to have won over one particular New York Post columnist:

Only once did I hear Cuomo utter anything resembling human emotion. I asked when he planned to marry his live-in girlfriend, TV cook Sandra Lee. Cuomo started laughing.

Then he started chuckling again. It went on so long, I feared a coronary. He didn't answer the question.

As a campaign strategy, Cuomo is waiting it out, hoping his foe will run out of gas. Or implode.

But I miss the man who eight years ago had a pulse. Cuomo seems to have transformed into the thing he hates most:

A slick politician.

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