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D.C. Moves Forward On Transformative Frederick Douglass Bridge Project

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A $900 million vision to transform two D.C. neighborhoods by turning a freeway into a grand boulevard is taking shape. “It's going to be a gateway into the city instead of a thoroughfare out of the city,” says one city official.

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Will This DC Bridge Become a Park?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

An illustration for a park proposed for Washington's old 11th Street Bridge. If realized, the park would span the Anacostia River, linking the Capitol Hill neighborhood with lower-income Anacostia. (Ed Estes/Courtesy of D.C. Office of Planning)

A plan to turn DC's old 11th Street Bridge into a pedestrian park is gaining traction. "What we're proposing to do is to transform this old freeway into a place of active recreation," says one supporter. The city of D.C. and some locals are on board with the idea, but worries about gentrification -- and how to pay for the project -- are hurdles that must be dealt with.

Read more -- and hear the story -- at NPR.

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