YouTube is Calling Out ISPs That Are Throttling Traffic

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Recently, Netflix royally pissed off Verizon by calling out the ISP for slow streaming video. The two companies went back and forth for a while, with Verizon demanding that Netflix cut it out, and Netflix essentially saying "Ok, fine. But we might bring them back. You should serve your customers better." Now Google is offering an even more granular service called the "Video Quality Report," which will allow users to check out their YouTube streaming quality and compare to other providers in the area.

YouTube videos will now sometimes display a blue bar that says "Experiencing Interruptions?" with a link that will take you to the Video Quality Report. A YouTube spokesperson told Re/Code that the service is “about educating people, not shaming ISPs,” but it can clearly be used to pinpoint the bad actors in your area with a great degree of accuracy. So far, no ISPs have spoken out against it, but it just launched today.