Your Take: The Benefits of Bragging

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Have you ever been in a situation where you could have said something, could have sold yourself—but you didn't? Maybe for some reason you held back and your deserved accolades went unrecognized?

Women have made strides in all aspects of society over the last few decades, but research shows that they are still less willing to brag about their successes than men. In fact, for many women, there is a deep-seated discomfort and anxiety that comes with self-promotion.

Jessi Smith, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Montana State University, researched the psychology of bragging in women. Tomorrow you'll hear from Smith and about her research into the psychology of bragging.

But first, we're opening the door for you to brag—tell us about a time when promoting yourself paid off—maybe on that last job interview or that cover letter you wrote? What about bragging makes you uncomfortable? Tells us about a time when you really wish you would have been less modest.

Or maybe there was time when you did promote yourself, only to see a backlash—less respect, less friends. Do you regret it?

We want to hear all types of stories about your experiences with modesty and self promotion. Call us at 1-877-869-8253 and be part of the conversation, or leave a comment below or by visiting us on Facebook.