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Monday, August 18, 2014

A couple holds hands, and balloons, on the NYC subway. (iconeon/flickr)

Dating in NYC might be pretty tough, but you can also end up with some pretty unique "only in NY" stories. Jozen Cummings, dating reporter for the New York Post talks about what makes NYC love life different, and we take your calls on "only in NY" love stories. Call 212-433-9692 or post below...

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sondra from Florida

My aunt Frieda who has long since passed away met my Uncle Ruben by his fol lowing her up the subway steps where he was smitten by her very shapely legs. Consequently he started to wait by these steps every morning on the way to work. The marriage produced two children a boy and a girl who are now senior citizens. I always loved to hear their story when I was a small child. Addendum: When she was 80 and I visited her with my husband, she rolled up her trouser leg and said "See! I still have nice legs!" I cannot comment further on her 80 year old gams.

Aug. 22 2014 05:32 PM
Rick from Chester

Although more than a few years ago, a ride not forgotten. My GF (love of my life) and I were on the subway headed for Chinatown one evening. We were studying the map and the other riders, of all races and ages, were so eager and HAPPY to help, we were delighted and buoyed beyond measure. One of many days not forgotten.

Aug. 20 2014 11:52 AM
Bill from Wash Heights

Enjoying an activity may be a better and perhaps safer way to meet people who share some interests with you. But I wouldn't rule out the subway, either!

Aug. 19 2014 04:44 PM
mrs B

just so happens, there is a new book for young adults called "Subway Love" by Nora Raleigh Baskin.

Aug. 19 2014 03:29 PM

My grandparents met on the NYC subway. My grandpa looked at my grandma and said, "You- you'e for me," or something like that. But it worked!

Aug. 19 2014 01:56 PM
Barbara from 103rd and Broadway

Thirty six years ago, I stayed at a friend's apartment on the upper west side for an evening to be able to go to a college reunion event and avoid taking the train back to Queens alone at night. The next morning the #1 train was extremely delayed and when one finally arrived it was as crowded as a New York subway can be. As the door opened between me and a nice looking guy dressed in jeans but carrying an classy looking briefcase, we each looked up, shrugged our shoulders as in "what can you do?" and returned to reading our respective New York Times. Neither of us remembers who spoke first. When the next subway came we both squeezed onto it. I was now likely to be late to work. I asked where to switch to the express, and he showed me. After 30 minutes of animated talk, we both got off at Wall Street. He asked me for my number. Two days later we had lunch near work. We have been happily married for over 33 years. Only in NYC!

Aug. 19 2014 01:01 PM
Mylia from NYC

I saw a totally cute guy on the train today. I wish I had heard this earlier--I would have gained some confidence to say hello.

Next time I see him, I WILL!

Aug. 19 2014 10:35 AM
Karen from Manhattan

In 1995 I played eye tag with an interesting-looking guy on the uptown 6, on the Spring St platform first and then on the train. I got off before we spoke, but four days later I ran into him again at the Met Museum. We've been married almost 12 years.

Aug. 19 2014 10:08 AM
Diane from Queens, NY

I did meet the love of my life on the subway. We're still together 11 years later.

We used to see each other in the morning at our neighborhood station in Queens. He noticed me first - I was always reading the NYT and listening to music so it was hard for him to strike up a conversation with me. I did
notice him a few times and would smile and nod good morning to him.

Then I started seeing him on the ride home from work. Again, I was always reading with headphones in and never really spoke to him or anyone.

One evening we exited the station and were both walking the same way. He knew I was walking behind him and turned around to say hello and introduce himself.

We even had our first kiss in a subway station.

That was 11 years ago. And it's been a wonderful ride ever since!

Aug. 19 2014 09:40 AM
Bernie from UWS

I hate to say but I can't think of a less romantic place than the subway. It's dirty and loud and full of crazy people. I do whatever possible to avoid eye contact when I'm down there and just hope that some angry lunatic isn't standing next to me.

Aug. 19 2014 08:14 AM
Andrew from Yonkers

I met my girlfriend on the shuttle the day before the most recent Super Bowl, the boring one held in the New York area. She and I were standing so close to each other as the train was so crowded, I had to try and speak with her. I did after we reached our destination at Times Square. She gave me her phone number and I am so glad that she did so. I give myself credit for trying and wish I had tried harder to be a broadcaster and then perhaps it would be me, and not the ilk of Mike Tirico or others annoying you on the air.

Aug. 19 2014 08:07 AM
Allegra Stein from Tuxedo, NY

I met my husband at the bus stop at 96th and Amsterdam. We passed one another at 6am for months before our first words were ever spoken. In fact, I suppose you could say we met at 97th and Broadway one Saturday morning while I was out doing my laundry and passed him coming home from work -- out of our usual dark morning context it was easy to stop and finally ask, "what are you doing here??"

Aug. 19 2014 07:35 AM
Jodi from New Yorker in London

Years ago, while sitting on a crowded "A" train, I noticed a man looking at me and writing in a notebook. Upon leaving the train, this same man threw a folded note in my lap. Everyone around me laughed as I read the note. He wrote me a poem and gave me a list of telephone numbers to reach him on. I never did phone him and I now wonder why I chose not to? Who know what may have happened.

Aug. 19 2014 07:31 AM

Many affairs have occurred in the subway.....if only in one's mind. I have had many 5-10 minute affairs on the way to work. You know when it's an affair of the mind because you can tell he's thinking the same thing. You just know it.

Aug. 19 2014 07:05 AM
Matthew from Astoriq

Here's an only-in-New-York story.

We met by catching each other's eye on the sidewalk - not so only-in-New-York, that - but the first date? Macbeth performed in Zulu.

Aug. 18 2014 12:00 PM
Michele from NY, NY

I met my husband on East 23rd street and 3rd avenue. We both lived in the neighborhood and I had no idea he'd been following me around and watching me. One day coming from work he steps in front of me as I get off the bus. He tells me he's sen me in the are and wanted to go for coffee. I took his card and kept going. After that I would see him all over the neighborhood and he kept giving me the hand to ear telephone sign but I still wasn't interested. A year later we had coffee and the I invited him to church. Two years later we married. It's been 18 years and two children since then. We joked we'd name our first son 23rd and 3rd. Also I joke that I married my stalker.

Aug. 18 2014 11:59 AM
john from office

Every time I talk to anyone on the subway I regret it within 5 minutes.

Aug. 18 2014 11:54 AM

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