Your Daily Subway Report From 1967

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A view of three people sitting on the Number 2 line (7 Avenue Express) IRT subway, New York, 1970s. One man sleeps, a young woman reads a newspaper, and a young man eats

There's something uniquely charming about this traffic report from 1967.  Maybe it's the announcer's accent (something all but lost in today's New York) or perhaps it's just the comfort in knowing that subway delays have always been a part of city life. The highlight, however, may be the sounds we hardly ever hear today: phones ringing off the hook and a cacophony of reporters' voices in that busy New York City newsroom.

During the 1960s, much of WNYC news broadcast tapes were either recorded over or bulk erased for reuse. This traffic clip recently and unexpectedly surfaced at the end of another WNYC taped show from 1967 called Around New York.