#3399: A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra - and Other Instruments

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For this New Sounds, listen to some of "Heroic Weather," – from Alexander Desplat’s score to "Moonrise Kingdom," where every instrument is identified as it enters, much in the same way that Benjamin Britten does in his “Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.”  That will probably bring to mind Sergei Prokofiev’s "Peter & the Wolf," (another popularly used score in children’s music education) so perhaps we’ll also hear something from that classic work.  Plus, listen to some of Mike Oldfield's “Tubular Bells” where Vivian Stanshall formally announces each instrument as it joins the mix, towards the end of the piece.  All these, and more.

PROGRAM #3399, a young person's guide to the orchestra - and other instruments (First aired on 11/20/2012)                                             





"Weird Al" Yankovic & Wendy Carlos

Peter & the Wolf

"(Peter and the Wolf) Introduction", excerpt [2:00]

Out of print. Info at www.weirdal.com/catalog.htm

Alexandre Desplat & Benjamin Britten

Moonrise Kingdom (Original Soundtrack)

Benjamin Britten: Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra – Introduction/Fugue, conducted by Leonard Bernstein [2:00]

Alexander Desplat:The Heroic Weather – Conditions of the Universe [16:39]

Available at Amazon.com

Mike Oldfield

Elements (compilation)

Tubular Bells, Part One [25:25]
Hornpipe [1:30]

Virgin 4-CD set, #39089, out of print. Just Tubular Bells is available at Amazon.com

Duo Sonare Plays Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells

The Sailor's Hornpipe [3:38]

MDG 630 0628-2
OR www.amazon.de