New Yorkers Respond to #YesAllWomen

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Women are sharing personal, negative experiences of being victims of harassment or sexual abuse on Twitter using #YesAllWomen. It's a response to the misogynistic manifesto written by Elliot Rodger, the man responsible for a shooting rampage that left seven people, including himself, dead in California.

The tag is trending in globally — and in New York. 

Manhattan-based Rachel Sklar, founder of a network and media platform for women called, said the trend is about the collective experience of being a woman, but that in cities like New York, there are specific, common experiences women tend to have. In response to fears for their safety, she said, women are "looking around at who's near you on the subway, in a crowded subway paying attention to who's pressed up against you, and in an empty subway, making sure you're aware of who else is on that subway car if you're getting on it late at night." 

New Yorkers like Sklar have been tweeting about their experiences. Some of these are below: