Yahoo, Seriously? With Farhad Manjoo

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Farhad Manjoo at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Who's a "dead guy with crazy hair because he invented physics"? In this game, The New York Times' tech columnist Farhad Manjoo and his opponent try to identify historic figures from dubious Yahoo! Answers descriptions.

When asked for his tech predictions for the near future, Manjoo says that wearable technology is going to be all the rage. "Every part of the internet is going to integrated into your body." Whoa. Speaking of integrating yourself into the web... Manjoo's worthy opponent, Auros Harman, is a self-appointed fact-checker of Slate, Manjoo's former employer, who gleefully admits he's submitted an "incalculable" number of corrections to the magazine. Including this one.

Heard in Episode 311: Puzzlin' On The Dock of the Bay

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