10 New York City Vine-ographers You Should Follow

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Who are your favorite Vine-ographers in New York City? That's what I asked people in the Vine community in recent weeks. I've heard about dozens of incredible comedians, musicians, stop-motion artists and illustrators who bring New York to life with their six-second videos, and these are 10 of my favorites culled from the suggestions. 

As part of my report Meet the Vine-ographers Who Can Make $10,000 in Six Seconds, I also had a chance to ask some Super-Viners what they like about the video-sharing platform and what effect it has had on them since it launched one year ago. 

"Vine has changed my life. It's given me exposure that I didn't have before, and that's really important for an artist." — Meagan Cignoli

"It's always surprising. It's been a surprise every day for the past year, and I believe it's going to keep surprising us. So, if you haven't joined the Vine party yet, it's not too late for you." — Jerome Jarre

"What's cool about Vine is that it gave me a place to be myself. I didn't have to do some drastic change in my creativity." — Nicholas Megalis

I also checked in with Vine co-founder and general manager Collin Kroll to talk about changes to the app during its first 365 days. Recent updates allow users to re-order shots and save drafts.   

His favorite thing about Vine is the grassroots community that it has fostered. He also likes how it sparks people's creativity: "There's been this almost hacker culture that has emerged around it with people that modify their phones to get shots in a certain way, so you see the lens and the tripods. If you're ever around some of these users that do really elaborate Vines while they're doing it, it's pretty cool to watch."

Let us know what you think about Vine and who you'd nominate to be on this list in the comments section below. You can also listen to my report here:

Meagan Cignoli

Noah Kalina

Nicholas Megalis


Jerome Jarre

Lawrence Becker Jenna Masoud Jason Mante

Andrew Jive

Danorst (OK, this Viner is actually from Los Angeles, but we couldn't resist his cool Flatiron-puddle Vine.)