Wynonna & The Big Noise On Mountain Stage

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Wynonna Judd performing live on Mountain Stage in Charleston, W.Va.

Wynonna Judd and her band, The Big Noise, make their first-ever visit to Mountain Stage, recorded live in Charleston, W.Va. Wynonna began her high-energy set as she often does: by asking how many audience members had ever seen her live. Then, without missing a beat, she shot back, "Well it's about frickin' time!" Only seconds later, she had fans both new and old united behind her for a raw, unvarnished set which ran the gamut from gutsy blues to sweet, '70s-inspired country-pop.

The band's album, which was produced by her partner in life and music, drummer Cactus Moser, is a rootsy work that runs the gamut from country and Americana to gospel, blues, soul and rock. As NPR's Ann Powers noted, "With her tight band behind her after touring together for several years, she just sounds like she's home ... You can just feel the grin on her face." The album is called, appropriately enough, Wynonna & The Big Noise.

Set List
  • "Staying In Love"
  • "Keeps Me Alive"
  • "You Are So Beautiful"
  • "Cool Ya'"
  • "Things That I Lean On"
  • "You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast"
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