The Wu-Tang Clan Will Release Just One Copy Of Their Next Album

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So here’s one way to try to combat music piracy. The Wu-Tang Clan has announced that their next album will be limited to one, single copy.

Rather than releasing it digitally, they say that they’ll tour the world with it, giving people chances to hear it in person. The way it'll work is that you’ll go to, for instance, the Tate Museum, and then pay admission to listen to the album through headphones (after being searched for recording devices). After the world tour, Wu-Tang will auction the album off to the highest bidder, whether that’s a group, or an extremely wealthy person, or a record label.

This very much sounds like the kind of plan that someone would wake up with in the middle of the night, decide is brilliant, and then in the morning sort of forget. But it could work. If anyone can beat the Streisand Effect, it just might be RZA. One thing that the Clan has going for it is that they say they've already recorded the album in secret, which helps lessen he chance of a leak during the recording process. And worst case scenario, if this completely fails, it'll all've been a pretty good publicity stunt.