#3368: World Multiples

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Lokkhi Terra Che Guava's Rickshaw Diaries

Hear a load of border-crossing collaborations for this New Sounds, including a danceable Bhangra tune (dance music from the Indian subcontinent) by a Budapest-based Balkan brass band. Then there’s Bangladeshi interpretation of Afro-Latin styles by LokKhi TeRa, a London-based collective who have taken in the streets of Bangladesh, the Afrobeat clubs of Nigeria, the cantinas of Cuba and the beaches of Brazil.  On their tune, "Shokhi Kunjo Shajoa,"Indian flute soars over Cuban Santéria-style chants, steady percussion and keyboard flourishes, before horns take it higher and sweet Bengali vocals take it higher still.

Also, listen to a merging of the Swiss jazz trio Podjama together with Moroccan trance musicians, Les Gnawa de Marrakech.  Plus, a collision (or collusion) of Indian musicians and English folk music which results in a world-beat epic song with a drum battle in the middle. 

PROGRAM #3368, Border-Crossing Music (8/21/2012)                                                               





Stereo Partizan

{Soundcloud Set}

Balkan Bhangra [4:19]


Imperial Tiger Orchestra

Addis Abeba

Etu Gela [4:42]

Arsinthe Music / Mental Groove Records CDAMMGITO 1 imperialtigerorchestra.bandcamp.com

LokKhi TeRa

Che Guava's Rickshaw Diaries (originally titled “Che Guevara's Rickshaw Diaries”)

Shokhi Kunjo Shajoa [6:03]

Funkiwala FWLTCD002

Anoushka Shankar


Si No Puedo Verla [5:16]

Deutsche Grammophon #001656602
Available at Amazon.com

Yas-Kaz (Sankai Juku)

Jomon-sho (Soundtrack)

Prelude/Respite of the Bows & Arrows/Finale [10:17]

Gramavision Records LP 18-70131.
Out of print.  Try ebay or other auction sites.

The Imagined Village

Bending The Dark

Bending The Dark [12:21]

Emmerson, Corncrake & Constantine - #ECC 006
Download from Emusic.com

Podjama & Les Gnawa de Marrakech

Podjama & Les Gnawa de Mar

Allah Moulana, A corps perdu [7:37]

Altrisuoni AS070