Works of Nature


On this New Sounds, listen to music inspired by natural phenomena. We’ll hear songs and pieces written around themes of nature and science, - from atomic to cosmic-  and humanity’s relationships with said same.  From Bjork’s innovative and collaborative project, “Biophilia,” where instruments and apps were designed for the multimedia experience, there's a meeting of astrophysics, string theory, neurology, biology - and music.  We'll sample from this latest concept project, and more.

There’s also music from the late British composer/arranger Neil Ardley, and his harmony of the spheres, an idea that each planet produces a musical note related to its orbit.  Ardley derived the frequencies of the notes from the orbital periods of the planets and created a rich harmony, all on synthesizers.

PROGRAM # 3291, Works of Nature (First aired on 1/18/2012)                                                  





David Dunn

Angels & Insects

Chaos & The Emergent Mind of the Pond

What Next Recording WN 009. reissued O.O. Discs, 1998.  Out of print.



Virus (Album Version) [5:26]

Nonesuch 528728

Mamoru Fujieda

Patterns of Plants

The Third Collection: pattern IX [3:54]

The Second Collection: pattern V [4:09]

Tzadik 7025

Christine Southworth


Power Off [8:10]

Neil Ardley

Harmony of the Spheres

Soft Stillness and the Night [7:28]

Esoteric Records ECLEC 2096



Dark Matter (with Choir & Organ) [3:25]

See above.

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Out of Noise

Glacier [9:44]

Decca B0014662-72

Eleanor Hovda

Coastal Traces

Coastal Traces: Tidepools 1, excerpt  [9:00]

O.O. Discs o.o. 29
Out of print.  Piece is available on new Hovda collection on Innova 808,