Works for Multiple Electric Guitars


Hear music for multiple electric guitars, including acoustic guitar played by Dominic Frasca – single string processed through a laptop to sound like different instruments – namely three or so electric guitars. Listen to guitarist Dustin Wong and his very staccato overlapping parts, drawn from singing in rounds in primary school in Japan, and what might be the musical ancestor of such ideas - Pat Metheny playing Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint.

Then, there’s the interlocking sounds of very rhythmic guitar parts by England’s Jeremy Peyton-Jones in a work written for Canadian guitarist Tim Brady, who plays all 18 parts. Plus, hear music by Zwerm, a quartet of electric guitarists, and more.

PROGRAM #3522– Multiple Electric Guitars (First aired on 10/16/2013)             






Underwater Princess Waltz

Joel Ford - Gauss Cannon [8:37]

New World Records 80748

Dustin Wong

Mediation of Ecstatic Energy

Emerald Atmosphere [3:39]

Thrill Jockey Thrill 348 

Dominic Frasca


Forced Entry [8:25]


Pat Metheny

Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint

Steve Reich : Electric Counterpoint [14:43]

Nonesuch 79176

Tim Brady

10 Collaborations

Jeremy Peyton Jones: 18 Guitars [13:30]

Justin Time #8434
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