An 8-Hour Day? Workdays & Weeks Vary Nationwide

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For many, the workweek spills over into the home on nights and weekends.
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On its 100th anniversary, we explored the history and the legacy of the 8-hour work day.

It's the kind of day that leaves you with enough time in the evening to cook and eat with your family, read a book and unwind, all without so much as thinking about work—let alone doing work—before returning to the office the next day.

But in today’s world, the structure and moderation of that schedule seems almost mythical.

Joining The Takeaway are two people who embrace radically different ideas about the hours worked in a day, and even the days worked in a week.

Jason Fried is the co-founder and president of 37signals, a software company based in Chicago, and Sabina Gault is the CEO of Konnect PR, a public relations firm based in Los Angeles.