Women Laughing Alone With Tablets

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The new (inexplicable amount of stock images of) women laughing alone with salad is women laughing alone with tablets.

Over the weekend I saw an ad for the Kindle Fire. It features a woman sitting alone on a couch with an auspiciously folded throw blanket.


The ad goes like this: with Kindle Fire you get free Amazon Prime for a year, and a lot of stuff to buy and watch with it. The lady smiles, laughs, and swipes a lot. It ends with a male announcer saying "Wow, looks like you've got a lot to do."

If the chirpy music underneath the ad was replaced with anything more dour, I can imagine this being a great ad for aspiring female shut-ins (maybe I'm the target market, watching Hulu on a Saturday night and all). All you need for an enjoyable life, is a tablet, a couch, and a laugh. 

And there are a ton of stock images to back up this sentiment. Take a Google for women and tablets, and lo - you get a lot of women laughing alone with tablets. Buy the device and this could be your life.