WNYC's Annual Pie Contest: Chocolate-Swirled Cheesecake Pie Wins Top Honors : Slideshow

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jennifer Hsu/WNYC
Winner Liora Noam-Kravitz, with son Seenai. All Things Considered host Amy Eddings hovers at left, ready for the post-contest interview.
Amy Eddings/WNYC
Pie entrants waiting for their moment in the mouth.
Amy Eddings/WNYC
The "Wicked" spicy chocolate pie. Pastry Chef and judge Jacques Torres was not swayed.
Amy Eddings/WNYC
A delicious job, and someone gets to do it: a judge's table at the WNYC Pie Throw-Down
Amy Eddings/WNYC
WNYC host Richard Hake digs in while New Tech City's Manoush Zomorodi wishes she were judging.
Julianne Welby/WNYC
One of two apple cranberry pies entered in the Throw-Down. It wasn't Khrista Rypl's second place winner.
Julianne Welby/WNYC
A consolation spork for the back of the pie pack.


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