Wilsen Brings Dreamy Folk-Pop Out of the Moonlight

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Wilsen's debut full-length, "I Go Missing In My Sleep" is out on Secret City Records.

The English-born, Brooklyn-based singer and guitarist Tamsin Wilson writes songs that tell stories, but not in the boy-meets-girl, boy-kills-girl, someone-writes-a-song-about-it style of an old folk ballad. Her stories are more elliptical and interior, closer to the type of thing that Nick Drake was doing back in the 70s, and they can be heard on the new album called I Go Missing In My Sleep.

Wilson leads the band called Wilsen, whose dream-folk/dream-pop is a combination of finger-picked folk guitar, crisp rhythms, and electronic flourishes, all supporting her silky, soothing voice. The band plays a couple of songs from that album for us in the studio.

RIYL: Nick Drake, Arcade Fire, Explosions in the Sky