A Wife Reviews Every Single LP In Her Husband's Record Collection

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My co-host Alex Goldman is married to a writer named Sarah O'Holla who writes a blog where she listens to every LP in his record collection, alphabetically.

Alex is a record nerd, Sarah isn't. The result is pretty sweet and also makes you think about why we love the art we love. And about all the times you’ve tried to convince someone to love your music. 

Also, there should be a generic term for whatever specific kind of amateur criticism this is. Someone who writes well trying to capture an experience that they don't really have the vocabulary for. In this case, Alex's music tastes run to the esoteric (some would say terrible), and Sarah is not a music critic, so you get stuff like this, from her review of some terrible Anthrax record:

The first song, “Among the Living,” starts like a regular “heavy metal” song but then gets REALLY FAST! OMG how? How is it so fast?? Hold on, I have to listen to the lyrics. Okay, yes, they’re saying “murder” over and over again, next is “hatred.” AHHH!!!!! I’m so scared!!! Also, a little excited. Here comes a crazy guitar solo, I feel like I’m on a roller coaster, my heart is beating faster. I can see the urge to “head bang,” if you will, or jump into a crowd and start punching, but I’m really enjoying listening to this while sitting still on the couch in my living room, it makes you feel energetic on the inside, without the fear of getting punched in the boob.

Also, you get these mini-scenes like this one, from later in the same post: 

HOLD ON. Alex just started singing along and saying something that sounded like “evil, N-word, fassen.” Me: “What are you saying??” Alex: “Efilnikufesin.” Me: Very confused stare. Alex: it’s “nice fucking life spelled backwards, N.F.L” and then he jumped off the couch and started dancing uncontrollably.

So, yeah. As a longish postscript, I've felt a little bit conflicted about mentioning it on the blog here because, you know, the blinking neon conflict-of-interest question attached to writing about a project run by your co-worker's spouse. On the other hand, not writing about it has frustrated me because it is the kind of tiny little internet gem that I like and like to think about. And it's felt silly not to mention it. And now it's started to get coverage in other places and I've been too frustrated not to mention it here. So I just did.

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