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#WhyIStay In My City

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In one of the first episodes of our new show, Death, Sex & Money, we talked to a freelance documentary producer who came to New York in the 80s, but is now finding herself priced out, feeling broke and tired. And if you read the comments left by our listeners, you'll find that many people can relate. 

A recent Gallup poll found that 41 percent of New York residents would move to a different state if they could, and 16 percent are planning to move in the next 12 months. Do you want to leave? If not, why do you stay? WNYC and public radio stations around the country are exploring what keeps people in place and what motivates them to move, and we want your input.

Here’s how it works: Tweet or post a photo on Instagram and tell us about something that makes you stay using the hashtag #WhyIStay. Your photo or tweet may be featured here, on our Instagram, and on other member station sites.

Be sure to tell us where you are, and follow our partners WFAEWBUR, WESA, St. Louis Public Radio, West Virginia Public Radio, Michigan Radio, KUOW, KQED, WLRN, and KTOO for more, or join the conversation on Twitter.

Are you committed to staying? Why?

Layers of laughter. #whyistay —@visualmusings

Because I can play rooftop fetch with my dog and look at this skyline. —@davidmctiernan

"I am committed to staying because the diversity that exists in NYC cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world." —Stacey Sarnicola (Facebook)

"Where else can you get such a conglomerate of energy? I pine for the Southwest where I lived for 30 years, but NYC and its manic energy keeps me stoked even on the train rerouting days!" —Sheela Wolford (Facebook)